Sunday, December 15, 2013

Singapore Visa

Visa Singapore
There are a variety of categories of visa for Singapore, covering the whole range of life roles, from workers to dependents, students to investors. Here is a brief summary of a few of the most popular visas we’re equipped to get for you.

Singapore Immigration
This page is a guide to permanent immigration to Singapore. Your options include both permanent residency and citizenship, so it is important that you select the best Singapore Immigration pathway for your needs Take the free assessment to find out how to qualify.

Singapore Work Permit
For work in Singapore, the employment pass is the only way to go. This work visa comes in many versions, from the S Pass, the P1 and P2 pass and the Q1 pass, to name but a few. Let immigration lawyers work on your behalf to get you the Singapore work visa.

Singapore Student Visa
Getting the Student Pass for Singapore so that you can study in Singapore needn’t be difficult. Although the requirements for the student visa for Singapore are higher than most neighbouring countries, knows what documents and other actions can expedite this process.

Singapore Business Visa
If you intend for your time to exceed the basic visit limit then you’ll have to get a Singapore business visa. The Professional Visit Pass for Singapore allows you to remain in the country to do business with local companies.

Singapore Pass
Other visas include the Dependent Pass for Singapore, Long Term Visit Pass for Singapore, Social Visit Pass for Singapore, non-tertiary Student Pass for Singapore and a few others. If you don’t feel you fit into any of the previous Singapore visas then take our free assessment and we’ll get cracking on finding the optimum Singapore visa for you.